Nazarene Evangelical school

Founded in 1966 by the Church of the Nazarene. NES is backed with 40 years of educational experience.

Nazarene evangelical school is committed to providing educational experience for each child by recognizing that each student is a special person created by God.

An atmosphere of cooperation and communication is fostered among students, parents, staff and directors.

NES provides attention to:

- Academic excellence.
- Moral and spiritual development.
- Emotional and social growth.
- Disciplined environment.
- Prayer, worship and Christian education.

In addition:

- All school staff are certified teachers.
- Students receive individual attention.
- Class size is limited to 20 students.

Our Curriculum:

-We follow the Lebanese curriculum. We follow the main schedule of the government, that includes English, Arabic, Sciences and Math, English is our first language and French is also taught.

-At NES , our purpose is to develop self-disciplined, creative, motivated, and independent learners. The learning environment is carefully structured to challenge and stimulate our students while we provide the individualized attention essential to ensure that every student achieves success.

Parent / Teacher Conferences:
These regular conferences provide opportunities for parents and teachers to interact and collaborate on students’ academic needs.

School Board:

The board’s responsibilities include advising the school on stratgy and policy issues, supervision of the overall school performance, and overseeing the operation of the institution.

The Board members:

  • Mr. Abdo Khanashat (School director)
  • Miss Marlen Mshantaf (school principal)
  • Rev. Andrew Salameh
  • Rev. Andrew Hannouch
  • Rev. Ayman Kafrouny
  • Br. Bassel Habibi
  • Br. Loran Majdalany



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