Vision of the School

* N   Nurturing young men and women abilities towards academic


*A    Acceptance of others regardless of their differences

*Z     Zealsous staff, promoting logical and creative thinking.

*A     Achieving High standars.

*R    Raising studentís awareness to recognize their Potentials and 


*E     Encouraging Respect for others and Personal Self-esteem.

*N    Nurture positive relationships and fosters the growth of

         respomsible behavior.

*E     Encouraging Independence and Confidence.


*S    Spiritual development.

*C   Creating an enviroment that reflects moral values in which the

       Love of God towards all human beings is revealed.

*H   Having cultural awereness, perfect community skills.

*O   Offering a rounded education to all students.

*O   Open all thoughts.

*L     Lives change and communities transform .


*V    Valuing the individuals.

*I      Individuals are cared for spiritually, morally and emotionally.

*S     Stimulating learning environment.

*I      Inspiring faith in Christ.

*O    Our values are firmly grounded in gospel.

*N    Nazarene Culture and Heritage should be valued.


Mission Statement

* Nazarene  Evangelical school is an institute with an academic-educational and spiritual mission.Beside its academic role it aims at building citizens characterized by humanitarian touch, and responsability open to all thoughts.

*The school firmly believes that each student is a special person created by God, and that people are equal irrespective of their color, religion or nationality.

*We aim for an atmosphere of cooperation, with respect for individual differences and community values.





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